Why You Should Choose a Deodorant without Aluminum

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By choosing a deodorant that does not contain aluminum is essential to your health. This ensures that you are not applying heavy metals to your skin for them to be absorbed, potentially causing long term damage to your body. But what do you look for in a deodorant without aluminum to ensure that it still works great, but is safe to use on a daily basis?


How Deodorant Works

When you apply deodorant to your skin, a portion of it is absorbed into the pores of your skin. This can cause serious complications if it contains metals, like aluminum, which is a common ingredient in the majority of commercial brand deodorants on the market. Once absorbed, these ingredients can travel through the blood stream, depositing themselves in your organs which can be extremely hazardous to your health.

Choosing a Deodorant Without Aluminum?

Choosing a deodorant, or any other product that is mad commercially can be a difficult chore but there are a few guidelines to follow if you are looking for a save alternative.

  • Ensure that your deodorant is all natural
  • Ensure that the deodorant contains all natural essential oils instead of artificial fragrance
  • Make sure that the ingredients listed on the label are in fact all natural and safe for use

It is important to realize that many ingredients that are listed as “all natural” are not safe for use All natural does not always equate to safe.
Many aluminum free deodorants contain additives to compensate for the odor protection that the metal provides. By choosing an all — natural deodorant you are not supporting companies that put triclosan and propylene glycol in their products.

Ensure that you are Purchasing Deodorant and Not Antiperspirant

Many people use the term deodorant and antiperspirant as if they are the same product. In truth, these products are completely different which can lead to subjecting your body to ingredients that are not always safe.

Deodorant is a product that prevents odor from developing but does not prevent sweating. Antiperspirant is a product that when applied to the skin prevents sweating and kills bacteria on the skin that creates odor. If you are looking for a safe method of odor protection, you should ensure that you are purchasing deodorant and not antiperspirant.

Always Read Labels and Research Products

One of the most important decisions you can make as a consumer is to properly educate yourself about every product that you purchase. This involves reading labels and researching products before purchasing them. Many labels do not have enough room to list all of the ingredients that they use, especially if they only use trace amounts of the chemical in the product. They are also not responsible for listing all of the chemicals that each ingredient is made up of This is how companies hide ingredients that are not appealing to their consumers or that they do not want the public to know exists in their product.

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