That time of the year is here again, and as you think about looking as scary as possible on this year’s Halloween, there are several things to consider. The scary costumes, decorations and a lot other display of frightening creativity are not complete without matching Halloween drinks. The general mood is meant to freak people out, and so creativity in preparing the drinks can achieve a spine-chilling effect that will leave whoever is watching in utter shock. Though the drinks may not be as complicated to make, however, their presentation is what matters most. Here are four ideas to ensure you have a memorable Halloween.


Jack O’Lantern Cocktail

If your choice is an alcoholic drink, this orange and black cocktail is the best way to capture the mood. Serving these kinds of Halloween drinks in those wine glasses that have a little twist to their design accentuates the Halloween effect. You can set the table with a tattered tablecloth and a couple of pumpkins. Additional small objects that speak of horror tales can be used to complete the table before you sit down and sip this drink with a friend. This blend between Grand Marnier and Cognac makes its taste worth using for this event. The lime twist is added to make the drink even better.

Cemetery Slime Punch

This drink is specifically designed to give those who do non-alcoholic beverages a night to remember. It preparation is from diet root beer with frozen yogurt and a couple of additions to create the scare. Gummy worms are useful in achieving this effect, and you can watch from the corner of your eyes as people look at you in disbelief when you sip it down. This drink is one of all time favorite among Halloween drinks, and you should emotionally prepare yourself lest you are scared to drink it. Preparation of this recipe is critical in creating something worth a Halloween night.

Swamp Juice

The simply prepared Halloween drink has been a favorite for many people for years. Mixing sprite with limeade and addition of lime sherbet by spoonfuls gets you started. Garnishing with gummy worms, frozen strawberries, eyeballs or plastic spiders completes this recipe for the dry ice drink. You should take note that this preparation is among those Halloween drinks that have Halloween at their heart. Once you try it, the chances are that you will habitually prepare it annually for the rest of your life. A fascinating container with scary impressions can further boost the frightening environment.

Spooky Drinks For Kids

Children carry the practices at Halloween from one generation to another and so actively involving them is crucial. Their Halloween drinks don’t need much preparation apart from adapting their traditional drinks to the Halloween mood for instance spider or bat stickers on the soda bottles.
Strings and other decorative labels instantly transform a usual drink to one that will be remembered by the kid for many years to come. You can draw that scary face on whatever bottle or glass they use, and that will complete the night. Garnishing with several things like eyeballs on their hot chocolate can be a way to make their Halloween special.

source: Cute DIY Projects