Christmas lets us all shamelessly indulge in easy christmas cookie recipes and that reason alone is enough to celebrate. December is the time for exciting news and preparation for everyone’s favorite holiday. With it being a month away, we have plenty of time to prepare for delicious snacks and treats. After you complete your plans for pinterest inspired decorations, santa claus wants you to squeeze in another plan so he’s eating well on christmas eve. Whether you’re trying to keep spending to a minimum or generally just want to make cookies, there are simple recipes all through the internet that inspire us to bake away.

Gingerbread Cookies


Gingerbread cookies are the cookie of the holiday, so it’s only normal that it’s included in easy christmas cookie recipes. They’re delicious and require love and care. Giving them little bowties and gumdrop buttons are a sure fire way of impressing your friends. These cookies require 12 ingredients to create, but most of it are things you can already find in your cabinet space. Sugar, eggs, flour, butter, and cinnamon are just 5 ingredients on the list. They’re perfect for housewarming gifts as well. If you need something to bring to a party or an inexpensive gift to capture the spirit of christmas, you need these cookies.

Sugar Cookies


Sugar cookies are absolutely a must have during christmas, they just have to be. Don’t fret because I found an easy christmas cookie recipe that has ingredients straight out of the kitchen. The greatest gift of sugar cookies is inevitably the way you can shape them into any form. With proper kitchen tools they can become hearts, stars, ornaments, or even reindeer. They take about 20 minutes to cook and are usually topped off with icing or colored sugar as decorations. Artists have no boundaries with this easy recipe if they have the tools and gusto to pull it off.



Grandmothers and mothers will be proud that this is included. Snickerdoodles are soft thick cookies served in various establishments during christmas. It might seem hard to get them just right, but there are ways. Another easy christmas cookie recipe that comes out with amazing texture. They may take slightly longer to prepare, however you won’t be disappointed with the results. If there are others in your home that wish to help out during this festive time, this is a great project because anyone can do it. As busy as we may be during christmas, store bought cookies do not compare to those that are homemade.

Chocolate Pudding Cookies


For those who are chocoholics, I have not forgotten you. I have also not forgotten a decoration for your cookie. Mistel-toe or wreath decorations are perfect for icing ideas. It’s an easy christmas cookie recipe and you have many different ways. Such as, pudding filled, thick chocolate, soft chocolate, or crumbly chocolate cookies. It’s perfect for a mug of milk or filled with different types of nuts, or no nuts if that’s your preference. Change the dark chocolate cookies to white chocolate or use white chocolate as icing. Friends and family will light up at the different ideas you’ve concocted for cookies. Don’t be afraid to dive right in.

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